Specialized Staff Augmentation

Specialized IT Skillsets at a Competitive Rate

The nature of a fast-paced, dynamic world often leaves organizations in need of competent, professional staff—immediately. Virtuo Group has established itself as a foremost provider of specialized staff to augment organizations’ near- and long-term needs, with access to cleared staff who are proficient in key technology areas frequently required by clients and the ability to get them onsite and working quickly. This area ties directly to our initiative in assisting disabled veterans in securing meaningful work post-conflict, enabling them to provide for their families.

Our commitment to supplying qualified, professional staff to meet our clients’ needs is a source of pride and success for Virtuo Group. We provided key personnel in a short timeframe for a  program that had struggled for months to find appropriately trained, and certified personnel to perform critical communications support for a notable federal agency. The contracting organization was so impressed with our ability to meet their needs, they allocated additional positions in other sectors including programming and data management support.