Cybersecurity Support Services

Virtual Information Security Officer (VISO)

Effective, efficient security requires leadership and vision. In today's environment, organizations need to quickly, powerfully and seamlessly respond to security threats. What’s the benefit of a VISO? They have depth of experience, technology acumen and immediate access to expert resources teams to optimize security programs.

Virtuo Group’s VISO’s act on your organization’s behalf to provide strategy, guidance and oversight for a comprehensive and resilient security program:

  • Provide leadership and informed decision making
  • Support organizational goals with scalable security measures
  • Implement policies, procedures and practices
  • Manage teams overseeing daily information security programs
  • Continuously monitor internal and external threats


Cybersecurity Consulting

Failure to design and implement a security strategy that protects valuable data and information can have disastrous consequences. Every day, cybercriminals are looking for ways to gain control of servers, steal data and disrupt operations.

As the cybersecurity landscape changes and new threats are detected, your organization needs 24/7 monitoring and response to malicious attacks. Virtuo Group provides extensive expertise and broad knowledge of best-in-class cybersecurity practices:

  • Industry certified and experienced security professionals
  • Security strategy development aligned to business goals
  • Develop and implement security programs within different environments
  • Threat detection and monitoring
  • Identify security weaknesses and prevent vulnerabilities


Cybersecurity Assessments

Our industry expertise and advanced knowledge allow us to understand risks and identify challenges an organization may have never thought about. Virtuo Group provides organizational and functional vulnerability reviews that cover industry standards, such as:

  • NIST
  • ISO 27000

Our assessment includes on-site operations and cloud settings to identify an organization’s overall security standing. We tailor our assessments to every client’s individual needs. From business systems to secure operating environments, we provide recommendations and options for ensuring cybersecurity compliance.

Security Awareness and Training

Awareness Training

Our IT security experts are ready to set up your security awareness campaigns and training. Virtuo Group’s team of professionals develops comprehensive programs aimed at building a first line of defense against cybersecurity attackers. We offer:

  • Comprehensive program training design
  • Custom tools necessary to implement employee training and on-going education
  • On-site and remote employee training and assessment

Our enhanced training and management solution will help thwart phishing attacks, malware and other cybersecurity issues that can compromise your organization’s success.

Specialized Cybersecurity Training

As your organization grows, so do your cybersecurity needs. In-depth, specialized training for employees with certification credits help your organization’s workforce stay up-to-date on cybersecurity protocols. Our completely customizable programs allow for hands-on, virtual lab time so employees can learn in an immersive experience. From malware analysis to incident response, learning happens in a meaningful way, increasing your organization’s defenses again cybersecurity threats.


Incident Response Services

Forensic Analysis

Identifying, containing and preventing future hacks are part of our forensic analysis solution. Our expert team will investigate potential security breaches and analyze data to uncover details about the attack. Reports and recommendations for preventing future attacks are comprehensive and delivered promptly after investigation.

Response Efforts

Even the most secure organizations experience hacks on some level. When this happens, response time is critical. Virtuo Group customizes each incidence reporting program to each client’s needs and business strategy. We also lead response efforts remotely or on-site during forensic analysis to give a comprehensive, detailed response report so your organization can move forward with preventing future attacks.

Phishing Analysis

Virtuo Group takes the arduous task of reviewing potential phishing emails off the organization’s hands. Expertly trained staff and technology resources are needed to identify these attacks. Our team can identify malicious attachments and links to prevent users from clicking on them and opening the organization to vulnerable situations.

Plans, Polices, and Procedures

Policy Review

As business evolves, policies need to stay current and effective. Virtuo Group analyzes existing policies and recommends updates to maintain compliance, increase an organization’s cybersecurity practices and ensures effective programs.

Policy Templates

We offer turn-key policy templates tailored to your organization. With our advanced knowledge of industry-specific policies and standards, Virtuo Group can supplement existing documentation or create a comprehensive policy strategy from the ground-up.

Security Standards

Not sure where to start with your organization’s security policies and procedures? Virtuo Group will help you take the first step. Our industry expertise and understanding of industry procedures and practices allow us to effectively support our client’s IT strategies and security compliance procedures. We are well-versed in establishing standards such as: NIST 800-53, NIST CSF, CMMC, ISO 27000, HIPAA, PCI DSS and more.

Application Support Services

Application Modernization

Virtuo Group provides a proven, tailored methodology to assess modernization. Our expert team begins with a project outline, focusing on uncovering cost savings and reliability. Our next step is a comprehensive architectural analysis which leads to recommending options that align with the organization’s objectives. Security is always top of mind with application recommendations.

System migration and consolidation

Legacy systems are cost inefficient and can create organizational security breaches. System migration allows organizations to transfer existing resources and processes to newer technology. Virtuo Group understand the needs of large-scale enterprises and the importance of limiting down time while undergoing changes on the back-end. Seamless transitions, minimal operational impact and security are at the forefront of our process.


Virtuo Group offers implementation support, taking a planned approach to integrate existing infrastructure with upgraded software and technology. With a technical eye, we review vendors and products to ensure solutions meet specifications, requirements and supply chain demands. We verify that new technologies are configured according to industry best practices for quality assurance.

Personnel and Staffing Support

Specialized Staff Augmentation

Virtuo Group assists clients with finding temporary or permanent replacements of employees to work remotely or on-site. We identify potential candidates for in-house and remote positions to satisfy the demands of maintaining a secure network and compliant organization.

Remote Management

Our team of cybersecurity experts can remotely monitor, maintain and configure devices to effectively stop breaches in their tracks. With remote monitoring, employee’s devices will maintain compliance and be up-to-date with security measures.

Product Offerings

We proudly partner with industry-leading technology providers to offer end-to-end solutions for your IT security needs. From security awareness to endpoint security, Virtuo Group has the solutions that will elevate your business operations or security project to the next level.